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March 2024 Update

By Meredith Chase, Director of For the Widow Ministries

Wow! What an amazing week we just had on the island. One of our dreams was to bring widows from the United States to serve and love on our widows in the Dominican Republic. And man, did God bring the right people to this trip. 

We had eight women from three states and five churches join us on the trip, five of whom were widows. There is something extraordinary about widows sharing their experiences and grief in losing a spouse with each other. We saw an incredible connection between these women that we hope will keep them coming back again and again. 

In addition, this was the first “official” mission team we brought to the island as For the Widow Ministries. Peter and Meredith have been leading a widows’ ministry for the past five years, but just last year, they established their own 501(c)3 organization. 

The Impact:

  • 6 days of being the hands and feet of Jesus
  • 4 communities visited
  • 30 hours spent visiting our 10 widows
  • 50+ dresses given to our widows
  • 100+ dental kits distributed
  • 75+ reading glasses donated (Miqueas will distribute these to widows and women in the community) 
  • 425 lbs of rice and beans delivered to the community members we serve
  • To help our widows, we purchased 8 chairs, 1 stove and propane tank, 1 twin bed frame and mattress, 10 mosquito nets, multiple storage solutions, and 10 nail brush kits. 
  • And money has already been raised to build an addition to Santa’s one-room house!

The Mission Team’s Impressions:

Barbara Seeds

“I prayed to the Lord following my husband’s death and asked Him to help me thrive in widowhood, not just survive. When I heard Meredith share about FTW, I knew I wanted to go. After spending time with these precious women and returning home, I have thought of little else. To be able to minister to them has given me a new sense of purpose as I look to the future. My desire is to return as often as possible. I pray the Lord keeps this door open for me!”

Beth Childs

“What a blessing it was to see the instant bond the U.S. widows had with our D.R. widows. They shared their grief experiences, the importance of their faith in Jesus and  encouraged each other in ways that only one who is walking that path can do. Our morning team devotions and the comradery of all the women on our team made this not only an amazing time of service but also a wonderful ladies’ retreat where my soul was fed!”

Len Hickman

“I was made to feel very blessed even in my sorrow. We often forget the little blessings we are so used to having everyday. Running water, electricity, refrigeration and the list goes on and on. Meredith makes a very difficult job look seamless!”

Karen Poland

“Jungara was the widow that tugged at my heart strings. She is so humble and doesn’t like attention. She wants to be useful but in a quiet sense. I was drawn to her meekness and loved holding her hand.”

Robin Crosby

“As I prayed about how I could use my sad widow status for God’s glory and the good of others, For The Widow came to my mind. It was an amazing experience to serve alongside many other widows as well as other loving women who had experienced great trials in their lives, too. If you have ever been on a mission trip then you know that you always go to bless others but somehow you are far more blessed in return. I fell in love with this beautiful country, the precious widows that we met, their great communities as well as my awesome teammates. My favorite part of the trip was singing with and praying for each of our new widow friends. Seeing some truly seeking to know who Jesus Christ is and others praising God for HIS goodness and provision really touched me. I’ve told my family and friends, if I ever grumble over discontentment, please say two letters to me…DR!”

Janie Walters:

“This trip is a total mission experience. We gave food and clothing to the needy.  We did street evangelism giving spiritual and physical food to strangers on the street while telling them Jesus loves them and longs for them to love Him, too. Our nurses addressed the medical needs among the widows. We visited the widows’ in their modest homes, hugging them and their families, and assuring each one of God’s love for them. If God is willing, I would love to go again and serve with For The Widow Ministries!”

Tonya Pena

“I miss dancing to Dante Bo’s ”Joyful” each morning with my Roomie (Janie).  Getting ready for the day just isn’t the same!  Did somebody ask if I wanted to go back to the DR?????? YES!!!!”

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