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May 2024 Update

🏍️ Food Delivery on a Motorcycle 🏍️

Miqueas and his brother, Jeffery, deliver food and household items every month to all of our widows. The communities the widows are in are approximately 15 minutes away from Barahona Central. The issue is they deliver everything on a motorcycle.

Yep, you read that right … two grown men on a motorcycle carrying LOTS of groceries! 🏍️ 🛒 🛍️

They have to make multiple trips back and forth, adding 2-3 hours of travel time to ensure all widows get what they need.

We are praying for $50,000 in funding to purchase a ministry truck. This will have a huge impact on the ministry, allowing us to adequately serve the widows and expand the program to help widows in need in other communities.

Additionally, when teams visit, we have to hire transportation to take them to the different areas we serve. The truck will allow us to transport teams from community to community without hiring a driver.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with a Surprise!!

Mother’s Day in the Dominican Republic is celebrated on May 26th and is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate how special mothers are in our lives. The unconditional love of a mother is often the love of God reflected through them. Mothers deserve our love and appreciation every day, but this is a special day just for them!

When Miqueas delivered the widow’s food this month it was a little earlier than normal since we wanted to visit them on Mother’s Day. The women were surprised and grateful to see him. (It also allowed him to beat the days of rain that were to come!) What the widows didn’t imagine, or expect this visit, was a gift to celebrate each of them as mothers. Due to the low-income conditions of their children, it is uncommon for our widows to receive a gift from their children, but it is something that all mothers enjoy receiving. We are so thankful that God allowed our ministry to brighten the lives of our widows with a gift and a lot of love ❤️. This effort demonstrates to the women that we are present in their lives and love them very much. They were overwhelmed and had no words to say other than “thanks to God” because he is good and made this possible!

When Miqueas asked each widow what things they would like us to pray for, the common requests were:
1- Good health
2- Family well-being
3- Live well in their community

Jungara Receives a New Refrigerator

Thanks to four generous supporters, Jungara received a new refrigerator from the ministry to store her food! Previously she had a fridge that served no purpose at all other than to take up space in her already small house. Jungara was SO excited and grateful for her new fridge!

Thank you to all our supporters who make special causes like this possible.

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