Sponsor a Widow

God's Call on His People

Caring for the Widow in Her Distress

The key to this ministry’s success will be the supporters who chose to sponsor an individual widow. When you sponsor a widow, you commit to a regular monthly donation of $100 that will provide food, home repairs, regular visits, and Bible study materials for her.

In-Home Visits & Prayer

We visit each widow monthly for fellowship and prayer. Food is provided to each widow that will last them roughly 30 days. Photos are taken and a report is completed after each home visit to address prayer requests and specific needs.

Evangelism & Bible Study

The eternal salvation of a widow is our top priority. We regularly share the Good News of the Gospel with each widow in our program, as well as coordinate group bible study with other women in similar circumstances to study God’s word together.

Home Repair & Basic Needs

Many of our widows live in less than ideal circumstances. We identify home repair and basic needs in each widow’s home and coordinate projects with ministry volunteers and/or local contractors to address those needs and improve living conditions.

How to Sponsor a Widow?

Select the widow you would like to sponsor. You will receive regular updates about your widow and have the opportunity to personally meet her if you are interested in one of our trips. Please contact us if you would like to share sponsorship of a widow and we can set that up on the backend!

Everyone plays a role

Be a part of the ripple effect of God’s love

Whether you can support the care of an individual widow, provide for specific needs, or be a founding supporter who provides operational resources, your generosity will go directly to the mission of the organization.