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April 2024 Update

By Meredith Chase, Executive Director of For the Widow Ministries

Jungara has accepted Jesus, and we have added three new widows to the program… plus so many other wonderful things! Thanks for reading our April Update. We are dedicated to communicating monthly so you can rejoice with us in the work God is doing through this ministry. Sometimes, this means a lot of great news to share.

Three Widows Have Been Added to the Program

We are excited to introduce you to three new widows who have been added to our program. When we begin to support a widow, we follow a process and consider several criteria. We look at their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs to ensure there is a necessity. We also consider their location in relation to the communities in which we serve other women. And we pray fervently for God to lead us to these widows.

Luisa (Don Bosco)

Luisa is 78 years old and lives in Barahona. She has three children, but her two sons have died, so she only has one daughter left. She has 15 grandchildren! Her husband passed away 5 years ago. She lives in her son’s home with two grandchildren and a close friend. She is a Christian but is unable to go to church due to health issues she deals with including diabetes. She used to be in a different widow’s program, but they stopped helping her and, unfortunately, took everything away they had given her. Sponsor Luisa Today!!

Carmen (Los Robles)

Carmen is 57 years old and has 6 children and 17 grandchildren. She has had an extremely difficult life! Her husband, who was abusive and unkind, passed away 14 years ago, so she has been on her own since she was 43 years old. Five of her grandchildren live with her in her home in Los Robles. She does not have a job due to multiple health issues including high blood pressure and a deviated spine. Carmen does not read or write. She is a Christian and goes to church regularly. Sponsor Carmen Today!!

Elena (Barahona)

Elena is 47 years old. She lost her husband when she was 36 years old and had three very small children at the time. It was a devastating loss for her, her family, and the church family. Her husband was a pastor at a church plant in one of the communities near Barahona. After her husband passed away, she started selling clothes to make money, but it does not provide consistent or reliable income for her and her three children and her niece, who lives with them. She has family there in Barahona but doesn’t receive much help from them. The church she attends tries to help her when they can.

Current Widow Updates

Jungara (Mena Arriba)

Jungara has many needs and concerns. Because of this, Miqueas makes a special effort to listen carefully during their time together. He often reassures her that “in God, things are different. We think differently, act differently, and have new hope in Jesus.” Usually, when Miqueas goes to share the word, he brings several widows together to talk to them about the gospel. Still, on some occasions, he does it individually to touch on some more specific things. On this day, Miqueas said, “I was sharing the word with Jungara, and God touched her heart, and she accepted God, recognizing that God is her savior.” Miqueas took his time to ensure she understood what he had shared with her, and he asked her if she was sure she wanted to accept it. She very firmly and confidently told him, “Yes!” And they prayed for salvation for her life. Miqueas describes it as “a special day when I knew she wanted to do it.” Hallelujah!

Jungara asks for prayers for her family’s health.

Élvira (Barahona)

Elvira was happy to see Miqueas when he delivered her food and very grateful for the help. Miqueas asked her about her health and what else was affecting her besides her difficulties walking. She shared that she was doing well and felt healthy.

When Miqueas returned to share the Gospel, he focused on encouraging her to strengthen her relationship with God through prayer and reading the Bible because she could not attend church due to difficulty getting around. Miqueas reminded her that God is her strength, that He is more than enough, and that the most important thing is her relationship with God.

Elvira asked for prayers for her health and her entire family.

Santa (La Guazara)

Santa is always happy and content with how God has provided for her. When Miqueas visited her, she told him that she trusts everything God does and is always thanking Him. She also told him that her family was doing fine and that she was very excited when she received the money from For the Widow to continue the construction of the addition to her home. She began to thank God because that is one of the things that worries her. She said only God truly knows what the ministry has done for her.

Miqueas shared the word of God with Santa, Rellita, and Agripina in group Bible study, and they continued to discuss the topic of remaining in God. Santa said that to remain in God, you must know and be sure of who you believe in. Each one of the ladies shared what they believed, and Miqueas was able to clarify some points on how to remain in God.

Santa asked for prayers for her family so that those who still do not believe could come to the same faith as her.

Agripina (La Guazara)

When Miqueas delivered food to Agripina, she was very happy to see him. She wasn’t expecting him on that day and was running low on her food supply. She also shared with Miqueas that her grandson’s behavior towards her had improved a little more. Miqueas told her that it is a process, but the important thing is that it is changing. She also told him that her granddaughter was the one who worried her the most since she does not respect her at all. Miqueas reminded her to put everything in God’s hands and continue to be a good example.

During the group Bible study, Miqueas asked her how she could remain in God. Agrippina said praying helps us remain in him, and Miqueas told her that was one of the best ways. The ladies were happy to study together and very willing to share their thoughts.

Agripina asked for prayer for her health and for her children and grandchildren.

Antonia (Los Robles)

On Miqueas’s latest visit with Antonia, he asked her to tell him what she needed. Without hesitation, she mentioned her refrigerator did not work due to inadequate electricity voltage. Miqueas said, “We can pray that God will provide for you, but you must have faith.” Miqueas explained to Antonia that this was a great need but that it was physical. He told her we also have spiritual needs that only God can solve. God opened a door for Miqueas to talk about being a child of God and the obedience He desires from us. And then God provided $64 to allow us to replace the electricity in her home!

Antonia takes great joy in her discussions with Miqueas. She asks for prayers for her community and health.

Gloria (Los Robles)

Every time Miqueas visits Gloria, he asks her how things are going. Gloria often shares personal issues and her health concerns. Gloria mentioned that she wasn’t feeling well, so Miqueas advised her on practical steps to manage her health better, which she has been following. After going to the doctor and getting new medicine for her high blood pressure, she told Miqueas she was feeling better. They also discussed Gloria’s spiritual life. Gloria recently accepted Jesus as her personal Lord and Savior. Miqueas took the time to reinforce that as a daughter of God, she is loved, protected, and privileged because God is committed to his children. She has been attending the church in her community regularly and caring for her granddaughter, Gloriabel.

Gloria requests prayers for her family and health.

Betania (Mena Arriba)

As Miqueas delivered Betania’s monthly food allotment, she told him how grateful she was and what a blessing the deliveries had been to her and her children. He asked Betania what worried her most, and she answered that it was her children. Miqueas stressed that there is no better training or upbringing than raising our children in the ways of God. When he returned to share the gospel, he raised the same topic and explained to her that she must be an example to her children. Miqueas encouraged Betania to take the first step in changing her life by trusting in God. With each visit, Miqueas takes another step toward Betania’s eternal salvation. Please continue to pray that he gets through to her!

Betania asks for prayers for her children and God’s protection.

Antonia (Mena Arriba)

Antonia is usually quiet and reserved, but sometimes, she opens up during her chats with Miqueas and the other widows. Lately, he has talked to them about the salvation of the soul and that the most important thing in this world is to save our soul. Other things are material and that one day it will end, but salvation is forever. Please continue to pray that the Lord will touch her heart and open her eyes to her need for salvation.

Antonia requests prayers for her children and home.

Rellita (la Guazara)

When Miqueas arrived, he asked Rellita about her health, and she told him she was feeling much better. The pills that were prescribed for her are working well, and she was diligently taking them because she doesn’t like going back to the hospital. As always, Rellita didn’t want Miqueas to leave and asked him to stay longer.

In the group Bible study, as Miqueas shared how to abide in God, Rellita shared that reading the word helped her stay connected with Him. Miqueas encouraged her to continue reading the word because that was one of the main steps to abide in God.

Rellita asked for prayers for her health and her family.

Nosilia (Los Robles)

Miqueas, recently visited Nosilia and asked her to describe how she felt about being a part of For the Widow ministries. She told him how blessed she felt. She said that while another ministry had given her some help in the past, our ministry has not been temporary or singular. Instead, she is experiencing things she knows can help her achieve eternal life, for which she will always be grateful. She appreciates the tangible help, such as the bed and stove, but more so, she values the spiritual guidance that deepens her faith.

During one of their discussions, Miqueas explained the difference between merely being a creation of God and becoming a child of God through acceptance and adoption into His family. She expressed how much she cherishes these conversations.
Nosilia requests prayers for her family, health, and community.

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