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January 2024 Update

By Meredith Chase, Director of For the Widow Ministries

Happy Friday! January has been a great start to the year for the widows ministry. Each widow received their food for the month and has participated in a group bible study with Miqueas and the other widows in their community. We are also getting ready to take a team to the island in March. Learn more about trips and our widows below!

Upcoming Mission Trip – March 2-9

We believe that the best way to be a part of this ministry is to go on a trip and see everything firsthand. Pictures and videos are great, but when you meet the people, experience their culture, and see how God works in their life and yours while you are there, you become a changed person.

We are so excited for our next mission trip in only 1 MONTH – March 2-9! This trip will be focused on “Widows Serving Widows”, although we have several people who are not widows who will be joining us. Trips are how we form relationships with the widows we serve. Each day we spend time in the home of a widow – getting to know her and praying for her needs. 

We still have a few spots left on the team if you are interested in joining us.
Learn more at

Want to join us on June 22-29 for “Families Serving Together”?
Learn more at

Widow Updates

Praise the Lord! Our first 10 widows are sponsored and we are working on bringing more into the program. For more information about sponsoring a widow, visit

Gloria (Los Robles)

Gloria was waiting for Miqueas to arrive, and when she saw him coming, she had a big smile and said: “Thank you, God.” While talking with Miqueas, she shared that she is worried about her daughter, who is not taking responsibility for her children, which means that Gloria and her other daughter, Fina, must care for them. This is very hard on them and makes Gloria very emotional. When Miqueas shared the word with her, she said that it reminded her that she finds her strength in God and is guided by him.

Gloria asked for prayer for her daughter and that God will change her heart. She also asked that God would sustain her and her daughter Fina as they care for the children.

Antonia (Los Robles)

During her visit with Miqueas, Antonia shared that she had recently lost a cousin and that she and her family were really struggling with the pain of the loss. Miqueas was able to talk with her about this and continued to share the Gospel. Antonia told Miqueas that when he brings her food, she is filled with great emotion because she recognizes that God is providing for her and that her life has changed. When she attended the group Bible study, she expressed that she wasn’t always motivated to go to Church, but that when she hears the message that Miqueas shares with them, she believes she is getting closer to God and has a better understanding of his word. Praise God!

Antonia asked for prayers for the community so that there is more peace and joy.

Antonia (Alidia) (Mena Arriba)

Antonia was also very excited to see Miqueas and receive her food. She told Miqueas that the food she receives is both a blessing and a consistent reminder from God that she is not alone and that people care about her. She was very receptive to the Bible teaching about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and was motivated to learn more.

Antonia requested prayers for the protection of her family and that her basic needs continue to be met.

Jungara (Mena Arriba)

Jungara was very happy to receive her food delivery in January and shared with Miqueas that this food gave her a sense of security because she could depend on it, and that she was very grateful for it. She also shared how much she appreciated Miqueas sharing the word of God with her and reminding her that God is in control. She is very worried that something might happen to her or her family and needs encouragement to always trust Him.

Jungara asked for prayers for her family and their protection, as well as her loneliness when her granddaughters don’t stay with her.

Elvira (Barahona)

Elvira was especially thankful for the food for January and expressed how much better things have been going since she was brought into For the Widow. She shared how difficult it had been to ask her children and neighbors for food when she didn’t have it, and now she was so blessed to have her needs met by the people who are a part of the organization. She was also very thankful for the time Miqueas spent sharing the word with her because the difficulty she has with her legs makes it hard to attend church, and now it feels like Church is coming to her.

Elvira asked for prayers for her health, for her family to come to repentance, and for her spiritual life.


Nosilia was excited to receive her food delivery and to see Miqueas, and she expressed her gratitude to God and to each of the people who contributed to make it possible for her to receive food every month. She also described the joy and appreciation she felt during the time of singing and Bible study with Miqueas and the other widows.

Nosilia asked for prayers for her family, her health, and the good of the community.


Betania was in very good spirits when Miqueas visited her. She was happy to receive her food and to see him. He shared the Gospel with her, and she was very attentive and interested in what he was sharing. She shared that her children are healthy and doing well in school.

Betania asked for prayers for protection for her and her children.


As always, Santa was very excited to see Miqueas when he visited and expressed her gratitude to God, her sponsor, and the ministry. She enjoyed the time with the other widows as Miqueas shared the Word with them and enjoyed learning new things about the Bible. Santa is also thankful that both she and her granddaughter, who lives with her, are very healthy right now.

Santa requested prayers that her children would be able to find jobs and that they would come to know the Lord.


Agripina was also very thankful to receive her food for the month and said she always feels hopeful on the day that Miqueas visits her. When Miqueas returned to share the Gospel with her and the other widows, Agripina expressed how much she enjoyed that they could spend time together, learn together, and share ideas with each other. She also told Miqueas that her daughter has been coming to pick her up to spend a day with her so she can relax and not feel so alone.

Agripina requested prayers for her children, grandchildren, and nephews that they will seek God and come to know him.


Rellita greeted Miqueas with a big smile and hug because she was so excited to see him. She was thankful for the gift of food and the support she receives. She was also very happy to see the other widows and share in learning the Word of God with them. Rellita loves to talk, and when it was time for Miqueas to leave, she told him, “I don’t want you to leave now; stay a little longer.” She is very much looking forward to his next visit!

Rellita asked for prayers that her children and grandchildren would be open to learning about God and seeking him.

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