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November 2023 Update

By Meredith Chase, Director of For the Widow Ministries

Wow! October and November were amazing for the ministry and our new widows. Thanks to your support and generosity, we showed the widows God’s blessings by meeting several immediate needs and providing food for the month.

Featured Widow Story: Gloria

Gloria is a 72-year-old woman living in the community of Los Robles. Her home was in really bad condition. Her metal roof and walls were full of holes, so when it rained, the water came right in like an unwelcome guest. Everything she had or was given was damaged by the rain. Every time it got cloudy, she knew she wasn’t going to sleep that night. She didn’t have a bed but instead a wooden platform with splintered wood and a bucket of clothes that she would spread out when it was time to sleep. There is a single twin bed in the 15×15 space where her grandchildren sleep.

With the support of her sponsors and ministry donors, Gloria’s story began to change. She told Miqueas, our local program director, “I’ve had hopes of sleeping without getting wet, without worry and to be comfortable.” The ministry was able to hire a local team skilled at repairing homes. They completely replaced her roof and reinforced the walls of her home. Once the repairs were made, we were able to provide Gloria with a brand-new bed and bed frame so she would, for the first time, enjoy a comfortable night of rest.

The joy and excitement on Gloria’s face are enough to bring a person to tears! Our purpose for the widows we serve is for them to see the love of God in what we do – to love them, motivate them, and take care of everyone who joins us. Gloria is no longer worried about her things being ruined. Our desire is for Gloria to know that the Lord loves her so much and that he is the one who sees her and hears her in her distress. This ministry is privileged to be the hands and feet of Jesus in Gloria’s life.

Widow Updates

Currently, 6 of the 10 widows in our program are sponsored. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, we have been able to provide food, home repairs, and other necessities to these women.

While the remaining 4 widows wait to be sponsored, the ministry is able to use discretionary funds to provide for their basic needs. We ask that if you are not currently a sponsor of a widow in the program, that you would prayerfully consider becoming one. Click here for more information about sponsoring a widow.


Antonia (Los Robles)
Antonia received a fan to circulate air through her home and hygiene items. She also received food for the month. When she saw Miqueas, she tried not to smile but couldn’t help herself. He told her “when you wait on the Lord, he will provide.” She told him she had been waiting for many years for help. God’s timing is perfect!

Click to Sponsor Antonia.

Antonia (Alidia) (Mena Arriba)
Antonia’s son was going to school, but his shoes were worn out and he didn’t have a backpack. Because of your donations, he can go to school again without worries. Antonia also received food for her and her children for the month.

Click to Sponsor Antonia.

Jungara has always been concerned about the medicine she must take for her high blood pressure. It impacts her health greatly. Unfortunately, she can not take medicine regularly due to her economic situation and lack of funds to purchase. God has put it in the hearts of people to donate to help her and this month she is able to take the medicine she needs. She counts on her medicine to be well. She now has a fan and food for the month.

Click to Sponsor Jungara.

Elvira received food to sustain her for the month and we are working on plans to repair the holes in her roof. She is our oldest widow at 90 years of age and is still going strong!

Click to Sponsor Elvira.



Nosilia received new backpacks, school supplies, and uniforms for the grandchildren who live with her. She also received food for her and her grandchildren for the month. The moment was so special when she saw Miqueas bringing the food and items for her grandchildren. She said “Thank you, God, for providing.” Miqueas told her that this is just one way God shows us his love. The food is special but salvation is the best way! We are praying for Nosilia’s salvation through Jesus Christ.

Betania received new shoes for her three sons. They had to miss school because they didn’t have shoes to wear. They are back at school and are very happy! The new shoes will help at Christmas as well since it is a tradition to wear new clothes. We know that the tennis shoes will help this family. She also received food for her and her children for the month.

Santa received food to sustain her for the month and we are working on plans to make improvements to her home.

Agripina received food to sustain her for the month. We are thankful to her daughter in-law and the care she is providing.

Rellita received food to sustain her for the month and we are working on plans to repair the holes in her roof.

Mission Trips

If you didn’t get to read about our trip to the Dominican Republic in September you can read the full recap here.

The Impact:

  • 5 days of being the hands and feet of Jesus.
  • 5 communities visited and impacted in God’s kingdom.
  • 29 hours visiting with widows.
  • 10 widows assessed and ready to be sponsored.
  • 425 lbs of rice and beans delivered.
  • 45 people received the Word of God – the truth about Jesus Christ!
  • Our family grew exponentially.
  • We formed friendships that will last a lifetime.

2024 Mission Trips:

We have dates for 2024 Mission Trips! If you are interested in learning more check out our trips page for updates or email

  • March 2-9, 2024
  • June 23-29, 2024

To God be ALL the glory!

End of Year Giving

Help us make an impact this holiday season in the lives of the widows! Every dollar given to For the Widow Ministries goes directly to the field in Barahona, Dominican Republic to serve widows in need. Be a part of the ripple effect in Jesus’ name!

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